try to understand him

Dear Him ,
I will try my best to understand you . I will support what ever u want to do . I will try my best to make u happy . I happy when u happy . I feel so sad when u sad . I know , what u do right now , its good for us . As long as I can patient , I will my dear . I Love You !

Dear , I can't accept when u say ' break ' . I know that my fault . I'm always make u feel upset -,-' I know that . I'm so sorry sayang . u know what ? I know , u just say it . but , u does't mean nothing right ? because , after u say , u still answer my call . and u still say " I Love You So Much " to me :)

Dear you , I always support about your study . what ever u choice , i always support u . whatever happens , we must remember, study very important to us . and I know u know that , right ? u say , when school day , we can't call . I will do that . before this , when school day we rarely contact right . so, we must do it again baby :)

whatever u do to me . i always remember i have you my dear . besides my family , my friends , u also always in my heart . I also in love with ur family sayang . I Love You . Hopefully , our relationship can be permanent until for ever and ever . I Love You So Much :)

Cinta Hati Saya , Muhammad Najib bin Mohamed :)